Venice Architecture Biennale

Janet Holmes a Court has been appointed as the Australian Commissioner for the Venice Architecture Biennale next year. Does anyone know if we’ve had a WA-based Commissioner before? Its great news for the architectural community, with Mrs Holmes a Court previously showing great appreciation for the architectural community and the shaping of our built environment. She also seems to have previously been interested in encouraging young and emerging architects, so lets hope that trend continues.

Also, five groups have been short-listed for the role of Creative Director for Australia’s exhibition:

  • EPIC AUSTRALIA – Professor Bill Taylor, Daniela Simon and the School of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts, UWA
  • FIRE – NSW Government Architect’s Office (Peter Mould, Helen Lochhead, Dillion Kombumerri, Mark Wakely, Brenda Croft)
  • AUSTRALIAN URBANISM – Ivan Rijavec, John Gollings
  • ZERO – Kate Rhodes, Justine Clark
  • POST SPRAWL – Cameron Bruhn, Jan van Schaik, Jen Wood, Tanya Court, Cassandra Chilton, Callum Morton, Emma Williamson, Andy Sargent, Bryon Cunningham
  • The winner should be announced this month sometime – I’m not sure if we get to see the submissions before a decision is made, I think it may just be up to the Committee.


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