WA Timber Design Awards

So the ‘Western Region’ (WA and SA) of the Timber Design Awards was on last night – a really small showing from the Perth Architecture community. And unfortunately only got to see the winning entries so not such how many people out there are really using timber any more. The winners were:

Best Western Region
Winner: Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects for Swan Street Residence

Residential Class 1- Best Renovation
Winner: Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects for Swan Street Residence

Interior Fitout
No Winner
Highly Commended: Woods Bagot for Wesfarmer Corporate Fitout

Outdoor Timber
No Winner

Best Use of Timber Panels
Winner: Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects for Gooseberry Hill Residence

Sustainable Design
Winner: Tim Geue Built Design for Leask House

The following categories were not awarded as they had one or none entries (something to think about for next year):

  • Residential Class 1/ New Buildings (Single family dwellings or townhouses/villas),
  • Resorts (including apartments and aged care) and
  • Public / Commercial Buildings .

Plus the following sub categories were not awarded due to only one or none entries:

  • Best Use of Australian Certified Timber;
  • Best Use of Cypress;
  • Best Use of Decorative Wood Veneers;
  • Best Use of Engineered Timber Products;
  • Best Use of Timber as a Structural Element;
  • Best Use of Timber Flooring;
  • Best Use of Western Red Cedar; and
  • Young Designers Encouragement Award.

However, apparently where there was only one entry, the Jury decided to send the submission straight through to the National Competition, rather than award it a regional award. From what I can read, then the National Awards will be announced on their website sometime in November.

It would be great to see more sustainable timber use, so get on board for next year!


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