Perth Cultural Centre

Perth Cultural Centre

There’s a proposal that’s been brought out focusing on the Cultural Centre in Perth (the Art Gallery, State Library, Museum, PICA etc). Some of it looks pretty interesting, like the orchard and wetlands in the pond, and the outside summer concerts would be good. Its getting a little hard now, with all the news releases and political talk about “we’re doing this” etc, and then we just end up with a tiny ferris wheel or something. But this one has a real press release from Planning Minister Day, so perhaps its going to really happen! I hope so, as I walk through this area a lot after work on the way to Northbridge and it could do with a bit more life. I like the idea of including shade, trees and landscaped areas as well, as it is not just cafes that make people come out but also just some nice places to hang out. So lets see how this one goes…


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