Architects call to action on climate change

The Australian Institute of Architects, Architecture Canada, the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Commonwealth Association on Architects have put together a ‘call to action’ statement to be delivered to the United Nations Conference in Copenhagen. The paper outlines how the built environment and their designers can help create a better future through appreciation of the impact buildings have on the environment and doing something about it. They will be raising issues like how to create better opportunities for creating sustainable design, through advances in technology, research, incentives and recognition.

I might just be talking for myself here, but why can’t people see the impact we are having on our planet? No climate change? I’m sorry, did you go outside this week? Sunny, raining, cold, windy, hot…the environment is changing my friends. Why is the focus always on proving it before we make real change? Its ok if you want to be a non-believer, say that its not humans affecting the environment at all, but just the natural cycle of life. Does it matter? Why spend so much time and energy trying to disprove the human effect on climate change, when we could just design better in the first place and hey, we haven’t hurt anyone by designing more sustainably. Good design shouldn’t have to cost the earth…it should be everyone’s responsibility, especially designers, to leave as little imprint on the world as we can, especially considering our future overpopulation issues. Its not hard for great design to have less impact, just look at Ken Yeang’s work for instance. Sustainable design just makes sense.

Sorry, rant over…check out the press release from the Institute for more info on their call to action.




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