Greenhouse Perth Site Visit

The opening of the new Perth Greenhouse was on this weekend for a select few designers and interested folks. The concept for this little cafe at 100 St Georges Terrace (part of the enex100 building) is quite interesting, from a few viewpoints. Firstly, there’s not many cafe / bar type places in this area, so it will be good to see if this one gets heavily populated. They have quite a good late-night licence, and plan to start with coffees and breakfast from 7am (in store or via a little servery facing on to the entry to the enex building). And then i think from about Monday to Wednesday they’ll close at 9pm and Thursday to Sunday they’ll be open till midnight (might want to check that before you head out, there were a few wines involved during the talks!) But good on them going for a midnight closing for more than just the weekend, its so handy not having to rush.

OK, so obviously i should talk about the environmental features, cos that’s what its all about. The walls are constructed from strawbales and clad in plywood. The concrete floor has been inlaid with salvaged plastic bread trays. The lights are constructed from old fencing wire, and much of the furniture is due to be made from recycled materials (they weren’t in yet when we were there). On the roof top bar are vegie and herb gardens, and the Joost signature strawberry plants in terracotta pots adorn the external walls. The views from the rooftop terrace are great – its lovely to look out at the reflective skyscrapers across the parsley and basil. I think the whole concept was great and I hope people go along to eat (and drink) there to see that a green establishment can also be funky, comfortable and just good fun. I liked the fitout though it was a little hard to see how it would look when it is full of furniture – good luck for opening this Saturday, there’s still a lot to do!

And just one little complaint that i saw, the plastic bread cases were not filled underneath so high heels went through them quite a few times, i saw a few girls do a bit of a stumble through these and hope they aren’t ruined for the opening. And same goes for the plastic drainage cell on the rooftop garden – i saw two girls get their heels stuck in the little holes. Not sure if this will be an issue overall – maybe we should be in bare feet for this kind of a place – it did have that nice summer feel.

Anyway, i hope it goes well to show that green places work and it starts a trend! Check it out for yourself, opening soon.


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