Updated Perth Waterfront Plan

Site Plan from the Planning WA site

The State Government has released their latest concept plans for the Perth Waterfront. This is the latest pared down plan, creating an inlet near the Convention Centre and rerouting Riverside Drive around the new development. That kitsch swan shaped island is no longer, but there’s still a little island park near the entrance for all those island -lovers.

Looks like the Planning Department got ARM back to do the planning – whats wrong with getting some WA architects to have their input? Personally not a fan of DnA’s idea, but hey I’m sure WA designers could come up with some good concepts for the waterfront, as we know the area and the benefits of our fantastic Swan River landscape. Although talking to some of the ‘elders’ at work, apparently all these concept plan ideas for the Waterfront have been going on for years.

The Planning WA site has great information and pictures on the development. Is it one of those things that at least we’re doing SOMETHING so shouldn’t we be happy? I’m still not convinced about the small size and the location, but at least its a start i suppose – if only they would actually start it! There’s no costings yet, but i think we are due to get more info in the first part of next year. Although considering the government can’t afford a new stadium, or better hospital/medical developments, or police,teacher, nurse pay increases…we’ll see! What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Updated Perth Waterfront Plan

  1. Shouldn’t moan about outsider architects.
    Perth needs more of it. We are almost completely isolated from the architectural culture of the world, but thankfully not quite. ARM should be seen as a lifeline to the WA profession. Once the Arena is built it will dramatically expand client and public expectations of architecture. We will no longer need to talk about buildings in Melbourne or Maalmo or Might-as-well-be-Mars.

    Anyway, the Perth office of ARM is run by WA’s Andrew Lilleyman, who has had as much influence as anyone on the Waterfront scheme. Richard Weller is pretty much a local too.

  2. Yes, perhaps we are isolated from the rest of the world architecturally, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I don’t think we necessarily need a ‘lifeline’ to come in, though of course its important to learn from others and not exist in a bubble.

    Ooohhh, and the Arena, now that’s a hard one…i don’t really agree with the design of it and can’t really see it impacting on the public’s perception of architecture in a highly positive way. I love the structure though and have really enjoyed watching it on the train on the way to work over the past few months. Unfortunately i think it might have suffered by going too far the other way (I’m not really a fan of ‘icon’ architecture), especially when compared to the beautiful Northbridge Arts Centre on the other side of the railway line…will be interesting to see either way.

    Anyway, that’s just my opinion – thanks for taking the time to let me know yours!

  3. Hi PA,

    Stumbled across your blog after researching about the perth foreshore development. Great reading! The Perth Arena has indeed been a controversial project, and many seem to be still warming to it. Personally I think it adds a much needed dynamic to the current cityscape, and while I think it currently doesn’t quite fit in with its surrounds, once the railway is sunk and northbridge meets the city I think we will see it fit quite nicely. Just my 2 cents anyway!

    As for the waterfront plans… quite like where its at so far but intrigued to see how the traffic will be routed.


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