Subi “China Green” Development to go ahead

The old Australian Fine China site in Subi Centro has finally received development approval, after going back and forth many times with public consultation, and the Planning Minister refusing to allow the Subiaco Redevelopment Authority to increase heights and floor area.

The development was designed by Paul Jones of JCY with Andrew Howe of TPG providing urban design services.

If it goes ahead as expected it should bring some increased residential density living, commercial and office space to Subi. The height of the development has been limited to three to five storeys (six on the corners). Some of the existing heritage elements of the china site like the kiln will be retained and ‘celebrated’. And of course the obligatory environmental factors (hopefully not green-washing!) like rainwater storage to gain “a 55 percent reduction in greenhouse emissions” and “50 percent reduction in scheme water and non-renewable energy use”. Hmmm.

Some artist impressions from the Subiaco Redevelopment Authority:


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