Australian Design Review

Fringe Architects have uploaded another project to the Design Wall on the Australian Design Review site – their Hensman Road, Subiaco, Brick Cottage. This project includes a neat simple looking living area extension on to an existing old cottage, with second storey new master bedroom. I know this stuff does get done a lot but I guess its the best use for the traditional closed style house design.


2 thoughts on “Australian Design Review

  1. Just discovered your little blog. Very nice to see some comments regarding our work. The project shown is what we’d call participatory architecture – better to build something and participate in the built environment then not at all. For your readers our little practice is taking a few big leaps of faith (and nerves) with coming projects. Having felt we’ve mastered the knock-up villa approach we thought it was high time to take a few more risks and experiment. Future additions to design wall will be noticably different. The trainer wheels are off and we’re starting to free wheel a bit – still a long way to go in this city, but we feel at least the large majority of clients here are starting to get it, you just need to scare them a bit every now and then! One thing I’d like to add is that if I could work out how to convince clients that Simon Anderson’s 1 sheet architectural lean and mean structures were the go, well we’d be almost on our way to a more integral architecture in this city. The battlefront still remains the real estate driven objects-of-desire-come-quasi-development-driven-posh-house-model – its a difficult shell to crack……..

    • Thanks Andrew, its a good point – how do we get more interest in architecture and increase its importance in society, when so much value is placed on cheap quick McMansions? It seems to be getting better at least with some clients, and I think you’re right, some do need to be scared a bit to take that step. Good luck!

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