Ten firms to reinvigorate Perth

The City of Perth has invited ten Perth firms to look at twelve of the city’s existing urban spaces and design conceptual solutions for underutilised areas. The projects may not necessarily go ahead but the firm’s will each get paid $10 000 for their investigation.

“The project has the potential to capture the public and design communities’ imagination and is warranted to be carried out at this point of time as the city transitions between the ten year major development cycle that it has experienced between the late 1990s and the end of the 2009, and the next period of consolidation,” the City of Perth’s Planning and Development Manager Peter Monks said in the briefing report.

The firms involved are pretty much the usual suspects: HASSELL, Donaldson + Warn, Cox, Iredale Pedersen Hook, Woods Bagot, Jones Coulter Young, Roberts Day Group, Urbis, Taylor Burrell Barnett, and Urban Design Centre. Perth’s city architect will lead the project, with the government architect Steve Woodland and Planning WA and EPRA reps rounding out the team.

The projects include:

1. Reconnecting the City Part 1 – Parliament Freeway Cover
2. Reconnecting the City Part 2 – Covering the railway east of Barrack Street to the Swan River
3. Reconnecting the City Part 3 – Covering the railway reserve between Thomas Street and City West
4. Green City
5. Populate Perth
6. Mounts Bay Road between William Street and the Point Lewis Rotary
7. Langley Park
8. Central TAFE Precinct
9. Jacobs Ladder
10. Emu Brewery
11. Wellington Square
12. Kings Park Road and the Parliament House precinct

More info here.


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