Saracen vs Salta at Raine Square

Its a bit hard to get the facts on this one…its a little bit he said / she said. Basically, Salta Constructions locked the gates at the Raine Square site in early Feb, claiming it was owed $80 million for variations. The developer, Saracen has said they have been paid everything they are entitled to, to date. Apparently a few of the subbies have not been paid by Salta, for example the formworker is claiming to be owed $8 million. (How a subbie on a union site can be owed that much I don’t know!)

It seems to be a bad situation all round, and now Salta have officially cancelled the contract, claiming Saracen has refused to attempt to resolve the dispute. This may potentially leave lots of subbies without work and with unpaid monies oweing, which could really cause a lot of trouble. Apparently Saracen is already courting Diploma, Broad and Arccon to carry on the works. So we’ll see what happens…


One thought on “Saracen vs Salta at Raine Square

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