Bye Bye Wheel

The Wheel of Perth is due to be dismantled and removed on the 2nd May, six months short of its two-year initial lease option. The UK company which runs the wheel wants to install a permanent wheel somewhere, though perhaps a slightly smaller one. Although at the moment no site can be finalised, due to the on again-off again idea of the foreshore development. Full article here. Has anyone actually been on the wheel? I have one friend who has, otherwise I’ve never even seen people on it. So if you’ve been holding off on going for your $15 13-minute ride you’d better get in quick!


One thought on “Bye Bye Wheel

  1. Yes, our family went on it – we took the ferry from Freo and made a day of it. We enjoyed it altho I was gripping the seat a little ;-p I think you should treat your home town like you were a tourist every now and again – to appreciate our beautiful city.

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