Perth’s Black Holes

Anyone see this article in the Sunday Times this week about Perth’s worst eyesores? The list includes the East Perth power station site, Esplanade Hotel site, Albany, South Freo power station, old Emu Brewery site, Wellington St gasworks, Freo Woolstores, Sunset Hospital, Dalkeith, Swanbourne Hospital, Mt Claremont, Old Pacific Motel, Highgate and the old Guildford Hotel. Oooh, to get my hands on some of those buildings for a design project – I definitely see great potential in the Freo Woolstores, Coogee Power Station and the Old Emu Brewery site. That might actually be a good extension of the City of Perth’s “what if” project: get some local architecture firms to have a look at the potentials of each of these eyesore sites. Maybe then some of these could stop languishing on the shelves and move forward, as some have attempted to do so many times over the years.


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