Fiona Stanley Hospital Design Unveiled

The ‘final’ design for the Fiona Stanley Hospital has been unveiled – which must be a relief to the Builders, as it looks like they have constructed up to about Third Floor level. The building doesn’t look quite as ‘iconic’ as I remember it (cost cutting I guess). The website has more info – but surprisingly doesn’t seem to mention the architect’s names. I have a feeling it is Silver Thomas Hanley, Hassell and Hames Sharley? Not sure how it all works together but I heard a rumour that one architect was doing the building up to the internal face of the external walls, and another architect was doing the facade – quite amazing. Its hard enough in the office working in a team when you change something – must be quite interesting coordinating from one office to another!


One thought on “Fiona Stanley Hospital Design Unveiled

  1. I am very interested in how healthcare is provided and I went to one of the initial consultations in Fremantle for the hospital…I never heard anything back from it which is always very disappointing when you take time out of your personal life (at the time I had a small baby which is still being breastfed so it was quite an effort to get there). Anyway, it was very unprofessional and poorly facilitated so I hope it didn’t set the tone for the rest of the project.

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