What is an Architect and what do they do

OK, sorry for the lazy post but I’ve just been trawling the net and found a few posts that I thought were funny, and thought I might share, on how architects are represented in the media. So this post is about a clothing brand in America which was (back in 2007) advertising its wares with “architect models”. Also this post about Google Search’s perception of Architects is quite good.

So what do you think? Are Architects misrepresented in the community? When you tell people you’re an architect do they actually get what it is you do? Or do you get the “oh, so you build houses?” response?


2 thoughts on “What is an Architect and what do they do

  1. http://pintday.org/archimatects/comic?p=280

    One day I’ll learn how to html these links…

    People I talk to usually ask what type of buildings I work on rather than what I actually do. If we do get as far as what I do, I usually say that for a job which people think would be focused on drawing and site visits, there is a lot of paper-pushing.

    Ted Moseby on How I Met Your Mother went from a job in a big firm to working in his own practice (which didn’t seem to build anything) to being a Professor at uni in about 4 years. His career progression may not be that common in the real world but his nerdy know-it-all character is representative of many in the profession.

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