PS 10.03 What If(s)

I couldn’t get to this one tonight – sometimes you just can’t fit everything in. Unfortunately I missed the exhibition last week too – it was at the Perth City Town Hall from the 1st to the 6th of June. Not really very long! It would have been interesting to see all the What If proposals.

Did anyone else go? Hear / see anything interesting?


8 thoughts on “PS 10.03 What If(s)

    • One was a whinge about big firms getting the projects. The early reports about the what if project indicated firms were paid $10,000 each but there was mention of pro-bono work on Monday night, but also one of the team leaders said they put in more time and resources than was budgeted for in fees. I don’t see anything special about that – I think I’ve done that with every project I’ve ever worked on.

      Was a good night though and I’m planning to get to the next one.

  1. Where’s your blog Susan? I was there many differing opinions afterwards which was interesting..I thought Woodhead did a really nice short sharp presentation..Glenn Russell from JCY wouldn;t look at the audience which was strange..and their proposal covered up one road then turned its focus on another..again strange..
    I loved IPH’s but again that was a crowd divider..

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