Perth least sustainable, second worst or fourth best planned city

A few surveys on Australia’s major cities have happened this week:

The Australian Conservation Foundation’s Sustainable Cities Index studies air quality, ecological footprint, green buildings, water, biodiversity, health, density, wellbeing, transport, employment, climate change readiness, education, food production, public participation and household debt.

Of the 20 cities in the Index, Perth came last, due to our water use, car ownership and ecological footprint. Darwin was the most sustainable, but is still almost eight times less sustainable than the ‘ideal’ city.

KPMG released a survey on the town planning performance of Australia’s capital cities, including factors such as budget performance, population planning, housing affordability for key workers, and traffic congestion.Perth came second last with a score of 45 / 100, narrowly beating Sydney on 43 points. Adelaide topped the list with 70 /100.

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) through Built Environment Meets Parliament prepared a different study focusing on areas including integration, social inclusion, housing affordability and health. In this study Perth came fourth with 56 points. Melbourne topped the list with 69 points, with Hobart at the bottom on 38 points.

So the conclusion? Too many studies!


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