So Long ABC Building

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Finbar have released their artists impressions of the new buildings going up to on Terrace Road once the old ABC building is demolished. They’ve said they are keeping the facade facing Adelaide Terrace, but knocking down the part facing onto Terrace Road.  The two stages being submitting today will include 117 apartments over 23 storeys and 43 apartments in 21 storeys respectively. The next stage will be a 29-storey mixed used building with 155 apartments and 5000 sqm office space.  This is to be built behind the heriatge-listed ABC admin block. Its interesting that they are submitting it all for Planning Licence today, but its pretty much written as a fait accompli that it is going ahead as is.


5 thoughts on “So Long ABC Building

  1. What a shame our heritage act cannot protect heritage listed buildings, and developers can use a loop hole like facadism to enable the development to take place. The incorporation of high density residential is great but surely they could have been done with the incorporation of the ‘entire’ heritage listed building.

  2. dross dross dross dross dross dross dross dross dross dross dross dross dross dross dross dross dross dross dross dross dross dross dross dross dross. Why do we keep doing this to our city?! profit-driven developer bull-shit that benefits no-one except the people collecting cash at the end of the line. Where is the clever, integrated, multi-use, multi-lifestyle projects that Perth needs so desperately and Scaffidi says she wants in her city?! As long as Perth panders to developers we will get rubbish like this.

    • Absolutely. I am sure we can do better than this, so why don’t we? Are we that profit driven? From what I can see, Finbar always outsource their architectural requirements (a lot of the time to SS Chang from what I can see) so maybe they should use a few other architects to get a bit of difference. Also, the City should be putting on more incentives/restrictions to get better developments in the City – what is the point of investing in something like the What If series if you are not going to listen to the answers? The planning and architectural communities have been saying for years that we can do this better, and we have the no-how to do it, we just need the regulatory support to get us across the line.

  3. Speaking from a position of ignorance on this one, what is special about the old ABC building anyway? I really like the industrial aesthetic of the antenna and satellite dish but don’t see the value in the front building.

  4. g’day, the significance of buildings/places is not just in their aesthetic qualities, although i actually quite like the adelaide terrace facade of the building. the place is considered significant for its architecture, the rather lovely juniper sculpture at the entrance, some really gorgeous interior spaces, and, of course, its associations with the abc.

    it’s rather like the blobfish question – do we save only the pretty ones?

    if you want to read the statement of significance you will find it here:

    i think the finbar proposition is rather ordinary. i believe that the pic in the story is the terrace road facade, not adelaide terrace.

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