Kerry Hill Architect

Kerry Hill was featured in today’s Sunday Times Magazine. He seems a mysterious secretive fellow – even his website is non-revealing. I know lots of people put down the Sunday Times, its not exactly The Australian, but it was great (and well-deserved) to see a two-page article on him and his work, he certainly does some beautiful buildings. I’ve really enjoyed watching the State Theatre Centre over the past few weeks as more and more is revealed – I’m loving the bamboo poles in the entry – these are going to look fantastic at night when people interact with them. Apparently this building is going to be complete by the end of the year, I’m looking forward to seeing it in operation. Its a very prominent site and very visible from the train line and I think KH have really understood the element of transparency and the relationship between internal and external very well. I hope it starts to revitalise this area. I’ve heard Merge were planning to do a Talk on A Practice there, which would be fantastic, but it keeps getting put off. From what I can see he is our only WA Gold Medal winner, what an inspiration it would be to listen to him talk about his work. I hope this happens sometime soon – come on Merge!


3 thoughts on “Kerry Hill Architect

  1. Definitely looking forward to it too. On a pedantic note, Gil Nicol and Ross Chisholm (of CCN obviously) won the gold medal in the 80’s.

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