Image of the Alkimos waterfront, from the WA Today website

The development of Alkimos took a step closer to fruition last month, with Delfin Lend Lease and Landcorp agreeing to commence the first stage, 224 hectares housing 2 500 people, within the next nine months. This first stage will take seven years to complete, with the whole 50 000 people development taking up to 20 years to complete. It is scary how big this development is, and how ‘sprawled’ it is. How can we just keep taking up more and more of our natural environment to build car-friendly old fashioned suburbs? Sure, there’s a small number of medium-density apartment units, but the distance of the location from the rest of Perth is just…annoying. I understand that the population of Perth is due to expand to 3.86 million by 2051, and that they have to go somewhere. But did all the Boomtown scenarios, Charles Landry’s talks, FORM seminars etc all not mean anything? Why do we keep investigating different options when we don’t end up making any different options for housing future Perth residents?


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