Happy Birthday to Me

So I started this blog one year ago today. In the early days I was very excited to be getting five views a day. This year has been better and I’m now averaging about forty to fifty views a day. Thanks to you all for reading, and especially those who have contributed through comments and emails. I do some times wonder if anyone is listening and whether to keep writing, especially weeks like the past few that have been full on with tenders and work overload, and I  leave so long without posting anything. Although then when I do have some time, there is nothing happening in Perth! But my hope is to get more people interested in the Perth architectural community, and develop more dialogue and discussion on current interests / events.

Thanks for reading and here’s hoping I manage another year!



5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Hi,
    I’m not an architect, just a punter with an interest in architecture and design in general. Its great to see someone trying to do something on design in Perth. There is some terrific stuff happening and very few people recording it.

    Ok, having ingratiated myself with you, here is the hard sell.
    I am flogging some some vintage furniture on my website. Perhaps you would like to run a link to it?

    As every architect knows, the best furniture of all time was designed by Charles and Ray Eames. I have some genuine Herman Miller pieces, direct form California, including the truly iconic rosewood armchair and ottoman, for sale here in Perth.

    I can supply a pic if you like.

    cheers, John

    PS It was my birthday last week, so Happy Birthday to Us.

  2. Only being 3 days late in wishing someone a happy birthday is pretty good for me, so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and here’s hoping you manage more than just another year!

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