Clares Talk

I went to the Institute’s Gold Medalists talk this week at Wesley College. Firstly what a fantastic site – great views of the river and the city. Those boys sure are lucky! The talk Lindsay and Kerry Clare gave was good, they went through a relatively brief overview of their work over the past thirty years, from small $30 000 houses in regional Queensland in the early years to their amazing Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, and their public and private works in Sydney while working with the NSW Government Architect Department. They founded Architectus in 2000, and recently left that firm to go back to their roots of a “two man band”. The work they showed have quite an incredible sense of simplistic beauty, with natural materials, natural light, natural spaces featuring in most works. Pretty much every project shown included passive solar design, so that it just became part of the architecture. I really like this approach to “being environmental”, where it is just intrinsic because that it the normal thing to do. Nothing seemed added on or incorporated just to satisfy a greeny client, but instead because it made the building more functional. The fact that the architecture resulted in beautiful spaces was more a byproduct of extremely clever planning, an understanding of the personal function of spaces and created better social environments. GOMA in particular was evidence of this, with great appreciation for the role of the building in its landscape and how it connects to a greater urban and social space. They finished off their slideshow with photos of one of their earlier houses, taken 25 years after completion. It was fantastic to see how this space has endured, and still looks incredible, this is something I think we should all aspire to in our architecture. The overall talk was really inspirational and once again, was great to see so many people in Perth supporting guest speakers, and hopefully this encourages the Institute to send more great speakers our way.


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