Chat Anyone?

I was reading my copy of The Weather Ring, which had a very good introduction – the whole mags a good read actually. Well done to all the contributors, who volunteer (I assume) their time to try and contribute to our architectural knowledge. I really like the quantity of information on the included projects, and giving research students a chance to publish their work as they go is a great thing. So many of these great little projects and research gets undertaken all over the place and we just don’t hear about it, so I think its great that it is getting put together in this format. Make sure you support this great endeavour if you haven’t already.

Anyway, that’s actually not what I was going to write about…they made a good point about the function of collaboration and discussion. I think its important to have a discussion on our city, and its architecture. I feel sometimes when you go to presentations, eg the recent What If presentations, that you usually see the ‘solution’, and I think it could be beneficial to instead think about the possibilities and opportunities. So I am having another go at creating some discussion points. Click on the Discussion tab above and check out the first one. And please, if you have any issues you think would be good to discuss, feel free to drop me a line and I can add in some more.


4 thoughts on “Chat Anyone?

  1. I’ll go with number two thanks tony.

    That was a general comment, not one aimed at your blog or suggestions. I just think Perth needs more people doing stuff rather than claiming we should talk more. For example, do we need another 6 month review of all the pros and cons of where to put a new stadium, or do we need a new stadium? That’s just a simple but big example.

    • That is a good point… In the “old days” things would have been constructed with a lot less consultation, but perhaps we’ve got too scared to do that now. I’m thinking about something like the Convention Centre which got a huge public backlash and now perhaps people are too scared too make big moves?

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