Today Tonight Tomorrow II

For a behind-the-scenes look at the Oswald’s Peppy Grove McMansion tune in to Today Tonight Fri night for a bit of a look around, and to hear their side of the controversy.


One thought on “Today Tonight Tomorrow II

  1. Ugh. what a monstrosity! I love how she said “a lot of people have a problem with the house not being sustainable, but it is sustainable” without explaining how, until later when she said it was sustainable because it had areas of lawns and waterways.

    Apparently they ran an ad in the paper looking for a tutor for their daughter that read : “Wealthy and well known couple want a mature and dedicated educator to teach their 10-year-old daughter in addition to her school curriculum. They want to shape their daughter to be ahead in her class and to be taught on global affairs in order to be trained for future business requirements.”

    Sounds like an intense family.

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