Increased Penalties Proposed for Demolition of Heritage

Heritage Minister John Castrilli is proposing harsher penalties for the unauthorised demolition or development of a State-listed heritage building. The current maximum penalty under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 is $5 000 with the Planning and Development Act 2005 imposing a further $50 000 penalty. Proposed changes to these acts could see the penalty rise to a maximum of $1 000 000 with a daily penalty of $50 000, a development moratorium being placed on the building for 10 years, and restoration orders for rectification of unauthorised works. Hopefully this will provide more of a disincentive for demolishing valuable buildings, but I guess will also make the selling of State-registered buildings more difficult.


One thought on “Increased Penalties Proposed for Demolition of Heritage

  1. Perth needs to preserve what little historical buildings it has. Many tourtists constantly complain Perth is too clinical and modern and does not have many historical buidlings. Increasing penalties will help preserve what little history is left. I think developers should enhance heritage buildings and make them really nice. Heritage buildings that are well looked after make the place more warmer and nice than modern cold looking buildings.

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