Perth’s GA chats about the city

OK, so I’m a bit late with this one – missed it. WA
Government Architect Steve Woodland is featured
in the West explaining his idea of a bridge to directly link
through the train station from Forrest Place to the Cultural
Centre. As a train user I think this is a great idea, so many
people use this station and it would be great to have a central
focal point and some transparency in this hub. Also using this link
for external, accessible art exhibitions etc could be really
interesting – I have seen this done overseas, its quite good. As he
explains, so many people use this area every day and “in a way it’s
a huge asset if you use it well.” Interesting – someone should have
told this to the designers of the Perth
Underground station
– what a lost opportunity – such a
large area and just blank walls with transport-related words on
them. The article also includes Steve’s comments on architecture
policy, the importance of well-designed public buildings, city
connections and adventurous architecture. Oh and I think also a tip
for the hot favourites for this year’s awards – the soon-to-be-open
State Theatre and 140 William…


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