Grand Lane Upgrade

I’ve read a bit about the Grand Lane upgrade so thought I’d go check it out. The artwork is fantastic and the mural looks great.  While it is a magnificent display of some great art, and in such a central city place, the location is a little bit odd. On one side of the alley is this brilliant display and on the other side are the smelly back doors of restaurants and rubbish bins. And there is barely enough space for a group to walk past and admire it. This might change after the completion of the Wellington Street works maybe? It’d be great if there is a plan to have something else in this area – bar, retail, office etc, but I just don’t see how that would fit.

Anyway, as a standalone piece of art its great and I would encourage everyone to go have a look. The alley can be accessed through the entry between McDonalds and Myers on Murray Street. Because of its strange location it is quite hidden away (I was the only one in the lane when I walked through on a busy Friday night), and therefore hasn’t been tagged – yet.


2 thoughts on “Grand Lane Upgrade

  1. This mural cost 70,000 dollars. The job was offered directly to Melbourne based artists, there was no tender process etc. Local artists were completely shut out of the entire project from inception to completion. Apart from that, yes, good job.

    PS, the PCC could have had this done, to the same standard, for a few thousand dollars, tops.

  2. Nate, sorry mate, but have to correct you. 6 artists were invited to submit as part of an Expression of Interest. 1 of the 6 artists was from Melbourne. All the rest were local WA talent. 1 local didn’t even bother to put in a submission.

    How do I know? One of my friends was one of the local artists who was invited to submit. She said that the best person won the job in the end! You think the local artists are only worth a few thousand dollars to complete the same job? That’s very insulting to all involved.

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