Rous Head Development

Plan of the proposed development area,
prepared by CH&BW from Freo Ports website

There are
plans afoot for a development at the Rous Head Marina in Fremantle,
behind the Freo Port. The vision
set out by Fremantle Ports is to take advantage of the 500 m ocean
frontage and the spectacular views of the Ocean and Rottnest, and
is proposed to include cafes and restaurants, offices, a ferry
terminal, some limited retail space, educational facilities,
tourism-based uses, including the use of charter vessels, and/or
other maritime-related activities. Although the vision
by the Transport Minister and the Premier is for ‘likely…more
than 100 boat pens’ with potential onshore boat stacking
facilities, a ferry terminal and commercial space for charter

Artists Impression, prepared by CH+BW, from
Freo Ports website


5 thoughts on “Rous Head Development

  1. There are many possibilities for something amazing here. What an opportunity, but boat hoist, and limited retail with architecture inspired by boat hoists makes you want to cry. Why are Perth architects so incredibly bad? is there no one out there who can think of anything good?

      • Mmmm…perhaps u r right. Do we have too many restrictions here (client, authorities etc) that we don’t really extend ourselves as designers? We get used to this situation of clients unwilling to pay for design and authorities unwilling to approve anything different that this becomes our mind-set when designing anything. Sad.

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