WA’s Best Commercial Design

The 2011 version of Scoop’s yearly publication ‘WA’s Best Commercial Design’ is available in stores now. As always there are some interesting articles in the front featuring projects from around the world and trends in WA design. Then some great little (ok some not so little) projects are featured, like the Bindoon Bakery, the Morrison stores, the Albany Entertainment Centre and the Fremantle B shed Ferry Port Terminal, plus many others. Firms included in the mag are The Buchan Group, CHRISTOU Design Group, Trojan Horse Interiors, Woodhead, Fratelle Group, Matthews Architecture, Oldfield Knott Architects, CH&BW, Roxby Architects, Brooking Design Practice, Craig Steere Architects, Hames Sharley and HASSELL. Whew! And if you don’t want to part with a hard-earned twenty, it’s also available to read online. But I’m never sure with these things if it really is ‘best design’ of just those firms that chose to pay for an article? Anyone know?


One thought on “WA’s Best Commercial Design

  1. If it’s like any other Scoop magazine then it’s paid. I’ve previously paid to go in the Best of WA Homes or whatever the Scoop mag was called. To be honest, it didn’t bring any sales traffic to the company i was associated with at the time nor many other building companies that i also knew were in it.

    Put it down to ‘company branding’ which IMHO is really a waste of money 🙂

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