Hot Hot Hot Gold Medal

Sorry for lack of posts lately – I think my brain has been melting! Over the continual heat outside and the oppressive cool inside the office!

So anyway, the Gold Medal winner will be announced in Perth in a few weeks time. Anyone got any thoughts on potential winners? Who has been busy around the place this year? I was thinking maybe Angelo Candelapas, he seems to be all over the place at the moment.

What do you guys think? Any hot predictions?

Check out the previous winners (minus the Clares’ – the 2010 winners).


2 thoughts on “Hot Hot Hot Gold Medal

  1. Given that the ceremony is being held in Perth, it’s probably a Perth (or originally from Perth as in Kerry Hill) architect who will win it, right?

    Geoff Warn?
    Someone a bit more obscure like Bernard Seeber or Brian Klopper?
    Geoffrey London?
    Richard Hassell of WOHA?

    I can’t think of a standout, obvious choice.

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