AAAA (No not the Alcoholic Architects Anonymous Association)

So, the Australian Achievement in Architecture Awards are on next Thursday night in Perth. I am getting near daily emails from the Institute asking everyone to buy tickets, so I have a feeling there are not many people who have already booked tickets.

Anyone planning to go? I wasn’t intending to. The last few Institute events I’ve been to have been really pretty ordinary. But because it’s in Perth I feel like we really have to show the other states that maybe we can hold a half-decent architecture event, and that people care about architecture in this great city of ours. Why are we so apathetic sometimes? The reason I haven’t liked previous events is that it always seems the same ‘older architects’ hanging out in their old cliques, with the same old same old conversation. But how will we ever change that if we don’t participate…?

I was just updating the Event link, when I noticed that the Institute has advised that Perth’s only opportunity to hear the Gold Medalist talk is on the night of the announcement. So if you want to listen to the Gold Medalist, you’ll have to go to the Awards night – except that when you book your ticket, you won’t know who the Gold Medalist is. I don’t really think this is fair – no other state has the Gold Medal Talk on the same night as the announcement is made. And I guess this also means the winner already knows who they are, as they would have to prepare something…hmmm…anyone spilt the beans?


12 thoughts on “AAAA (No not the Alcoholic Architects Anonymous Association)

  1. It will be someone from Perth. The only other time they’ve had the announcement here was for Kerry Hill. Reason enough for Perth apathetics to get out and show support.

    I seem to recall some on this site whinging that the WA Chapter of the Institute didn’t do enough for architecture week. Why would they bother when a Perth architect is being awarded the highest honour the institute can bestow to one of our own and nobody bothers to buy a ticket?

    And why on earth did the architect barbie post get more comments than the Perth architect being awarded the gold medal post? Come on people!

  2. I think its important that we support national events in Perth, otherwise we will always be the “too hard basket”.

    As a state we tend to enjoy having something to bitch about… Particularly when its about us v’ the east coast. Then when we have the potential to show what we are made of we either shy away or exhibit apathy.

    We should be supporting the profession (those that are old, new and everywhere else in between), and those locally within the profession being honoured on a national level.

    • I totally agree with you both. Come on Perth people, show your support for your fellow architects. And let’s hope it is a WA winner, that would be a double celebration.

      So I’ve been convinced to buy a ticket now, hope u have too!

  3. I was really keen to go, along with a few classmates at Curtin. Alas, Design is due the next day, so we just can’t do it. Quite disappointed, as I enjoyed last year’s Gold Medal talk.

    On the older architects and their cliques front, there are always a few students at these events – a bunch of us even scraped the money together to get to Thom Mayne! Perhaps we’re being to cliquey as well – can’t say I’ve walked up to the oldies and introduced myself!

  4. This is a national Institute event rather than a WA chapter event so I have hopes it should be better…and don’t think it’ll be a Perth architect sorry..

      • 2006 venue Perth, winner Kerry Hill (Perth via Singapore via Perth).
        2008 venue Sydney, winner Richard Johnson (Sydney)
        2009 venue Sydney, winner Ken Maher (Sydney)
        2010 venue Brisbane, winners the Clares (Brisbane).

        I don’t know the venues between or before, but there’s no way the institute would put on a big thing like this in Perth if the major prize winner was from Melbourne and going to receive their award in front of a small bunch of strangers instead of a huge crowd of their colleagues.

        We’ll see in three days time.

      • Yep I think you are definitely on to something –
        2002 Brisbane : Brisbane architect Brit Andresen,
        2003 Melbourne : Melbourne architect Peter Corrigan,
        2004 Melbourne : Melbourne architect Greg Burgess,
        2005 Brisbane : Brisbane architect James Birrell,
        2007 Canberra : Canberra architect Enrico Taglietti.

        I can’t find any earlier event details but I do see a pattern emerging! So then it makes me wonder – hey, did Perth manage to keep a secret? Amazing!

        Yep looks like a Perth person could be up for the award, although maybe not one who actually lives here at the moment. WOHA have done some great stuff in Singapore over the past few years, so maybe Perth-born director Richard Hassell? Although at 45 he would be one of the youngest. Jean Mic Perrine has quite a body of work OS, and his pods here. The guys from IPH maybe?

      • Anyone else get an invitation to the exhibition on Raymond Jones’ architectural projects? Coincidence?

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