The current Perth Waterfront plan

Image from PlanningWA website

The latest Perth Waterfront plan was unveiled last month, with construction work due to start early next year. No really, this is the final plan. Honest.

Apparently construction will commence as soon as the CHOGM crew have headed off, as heaven forbid they should see a construction site! This is the scaled down design which features a small inlet and a small island and a “very significant” Indigenous Cultural Centre (according to Colin Barnett), which hasn’t actually been included in the budgets and will only be completed, it seems, if they have any money left (like oh so many of our public projects do). A new idea is also a cable car from here to Kings Park – not so sure about this one, I think it would look pretty ordinary right in the front of our city.

But to do this project, all the land in this area will need to be rezoned and amalgamated into a Public Purpose Special Use Reserve. The MPS amendment affects approx 19.75 hectares of land, currently comprising 6.147 ha Parks and Recreation reserve, 8.454 ha Waterways reserve, 2.278 Primary Regional Roads reserve and 2.866 ha Other Regional Roads reserve. The Amendment report can be downloaded from here, and there is also an Environmental Assessment Report, both of which are open to public comment until the 27th May 2011.

Finally, does anyone know where all the land that they are ‘removing’ for the inlet, actually goes?


3 thoughts on “The current Perth Waterfront plan

  1. And the sidelining of the indigenous centre is a massive mistake. It could be something that would make it worthwile to come to Perth as a tourist. There is nothing for a tourist here. Making Perth the hub of an indigenous cultural experience is one thing that could work. No one is going to come from North America, europe or anywhere for a foreshore or beaches or good weather or kings park, in fact it’s hard to think of anything they would come for. Make the indigenous centre the focus and do it well. great for locals too. Leave the ridiculous islands and other crap until last. And please no lame cablecar.

  2. They could pile the spoil they excavate between the convention centre and the river. At least it might better explain the lack of river views from the convention centre?

    Does anyone know whether the water will flow out of the inlet they plan to dig? Or is it going to be a pond?

    Doubt the indigenous centre will get built, it’s still almost the same as the one in the original render for the project. Too curvaceous for conservative Perth?.

  3. I can’t wait for this to be built, it will hopefully transform the public (and governments) opinion about great inner city and foreshore developments. Hopefully the following project will be a ferry link in South Perth, Applecross and Rossmoyne with cafes etc… for all to enjoy our amazing city.

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