What’s going on? … Apologies

Ok, so I know I have been a total slacker in the past few weeks. I have just been having a crappy time at work, and quite honestly when I get home architecture is the last thing I feel like thinking about / looking at. You know those weeks (fortnights…months…!!??) when everything seems to go wrong, in between computer crashes and intra-office politics, the client decides they actually need an additional six rooms when you’ve finally finished their drawings, the structural engineer changes the size of all his beams right when you’ve carefully fitted your lights, a/c and fire service into a teeny ceiling space, and your boss decides that the plan you’ve just spent three weeks on would be great if you just rotated half of it, stretched the other half and still somehow fit it into the very restricted site area. You know, one of those weeks, we all have them, right? Right?

Anyway, there has been some news for the WA construction community of late, but in very lazy fashion I’m going to have to just direct you to the links and you can find out more yourself!

Marcus Collins’ cathedral in Bunbury was on Compass last week, featuring massive printed digital images laminated between glass, in lieu of stained glass, amongst other interesting things. Should be on iview for another week or so.

Venn Gallery, designed by Geyer and Matthews Architecture, was featured on Habitus Living (and in the Sunday Times bar review). Looks pretty good – did anyone go to the Pecha Kucha a few weeks ago? What did you think of the space? And the speakers?!

Construction companies Sizer and Loxam have gone into ‘voluntary receivership’ which doesn’t bode well for our industry. I have also heard unconfirmed rumours that some of the bigger architecture firms in Perth are down-sizing, cutting work hours, and doing a lot more competitions, submissions etc than normal. Quite scary. As suspected, we are still having the downturn that was predicted, the BER just delayed it, not stopped it. Not good when they say architecture is supposed to be one of the ‘canaries’ of Australian industry.

There was a site visit a few weeks ago to Lyons / T & Z’s TAFE building in Northbridge. Was quite interesting, the building is actually quite neat inside, tho I really don’t like the outside. But there is a lot of pieces, colours, finishes etc to the interior – it is actually quite taxing on the eyes. Will be interesting once it’s all occupied, to see how it fares.

This blog was featured in the EmAGN monthly newsletter last month, so a big shout out to any Merge members, students etc. Hope you get something out of all this!

Well that’s probably enough to keep u all occupied for now! Have a good week all. And if you ever hear anything you think I need to know, or even better, want to write a post!, please email me at pertharchitecture@live.com.au


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