First Edition of The Architect for 2011

The first edition of The Architect has been released for 2011 and it is worth the wait. It’s a real meaty read with lots of articles to keep you going. This is the first edition for new editor Andrew Murray who writes the very well researched Perths Best Architecture blog. With the same editorial team as The Weather Ring, there is a similar style of in-depth questioning and a desire to understand the issues behind the architecture, without too much architectural jargon.
Interesting to see that Andrew would like to take the publication back to physical publishing, after the last few years of online-only – how about an App instead? A physical copy would be more accessible by a wider audience, but how many people actually buy them? But then as I write this I am actually flicking through a hard-copy of Arch Aus, so as much as I like the idea of online news, there is still a certain tactile appreciation associated with holding a knowledge-filled magazine.
Anyway, great to see this first interesting mag from the new editor, and let’s hope there are many more to come.


2 thoughts on “First Edition of The Architect for 2011

  1. For those who don’t know, the pivotal benefit of having The Architect on-line is that it dramatically increases its availability – contrary to your comment – meaning that anyone anywhere (with internet connection) can read it, print it, scan it, email it, save it, for free. It’s primary focus is on the distribution of examples of built work by Australian Institute of Architects WA Chapter members to the general public thereby providing real evidence of the benefits of utilising the services of an architect. Secondary is the communication to members.
    I agree that the latest issue is a great read and I’m sure it will continue to be so in the future. A printed copy will require substantial time, energy and specifically – money. I do hope this eventuates.

    • I agree an on-line edition increases it’s availability in theory, but this is based on a readership that knows what it is and when and where to find it. Currently it seems it is only advertised through the e-news of the Institute which only goes out to members. In a newsagents it could be seen by more in the community, but whether people outside the profession actually picked it up and bought it I don’t know – probably not, maybe this is why the Institute went with an online only version in the first place? As u say it would add a considerable cost to print, rather than just saving a PDF. Maybe then it’s a matter of getting better exposure to a wider range of people online. But I have no idea how.

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