The City of Perth to get a new Face

Planning WA have released a new vision for the future of Perth’s projects featuring The Perth Waterfront and Perth City Link projects, amongst others, as part of the WA State Budget. Its quite a great little video of many of the recently and currently designed projects in the city – check it out. Its the first time I’ve seen a video of the interior of the Arena which is interesting. Also conveys the overall feel of how the designs fit together. I think it finally looks like they are considering the overall feel of the whole city, and how to activate more places with hyuman-scale development and public spaces. It all looks exciting – we’ll see how much happens! At least it is looking more promising than it has previously. (Although, hope they haven’t blown all their budget on 3D graphics fees!!)

Winners in the budget were The Perth City Link project which received $56.8 million funding over the next four years, in addition to the $336.4 million already earmarked for the rail and bus infrastructure and $270 million for the Perth Waterfront project.

Work will start on the Waterfront project as soon as CHOGM’s over, according to Planning Minister Day.

Over the next four years, EPRA will spend $18.6 million on the Perth Cultural Centre, and $64.4 million on the Riverside project area.


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