Heritage Issues on Grand Design

Such an interesting episode of Grand Designs tonight, focussing on two heritage buildings being converted in to a new modern family home. So many interesting issues raised, gotta love Kevin McLeod. Like when protecting and conserving buildings, which period do you choose to ‘save’? What do you keep, what do you resurrect in new materials, how faithful do you be using new techniques and materials? And what is the value in keeping the frame of a building without the adornment or finishes? Interesting the owner deemed it ‘inappropriate’ to be forced to put on new roof tiles rather than use old roof tiles from a completely different building, because they should look old.

Anyway, a really interesting episode, try and catch it on iview if u missed it.


One thought on “Heritage Issues on Grand Design

  1. We do a fair bit of this sort of work, but not of that age. But yes agree the route taken was somewhat weird I thought. The link building between the two was tad clumsy – would have worked better behind the frontages of the two ‘barns’ and the material selection was a bit all over the place. Windows are all different materials for example.

    I share McLeod’s view that the hall should/could have been done more sensitively. Perhaps a glass box inserted into its internals?

    Poky upstairs rooms also seemed at odds with the vast ground floor.

    I think Pawson did an amazing one of these – worth looking up………

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