King’s Square Revamp

FINALLY the City of Fremantle is looking at doing something with the Queensgate building and surrounding Kings Square precinct. Landowner Sirona Capital Management, which acquired the Myer Fremantle building last month, have proposed an $80 million redevelopment which the Council is currently considering. The building will be redeveloped and re-leased in partnership with Luke Saraceni’s Saracen Properties.

“Redeveloping King’s Square as a precinct would allow us to achieve a number of objectives outlined within the City’s strategic plan within one project – it’s a very attractive opportunity to provide the Fremantle CBD with a vibrant focal point.” City of Fremantle chief executive Graeme Mackenzie commented.
“Quality building design and effective land use are critical to the success of this redevelopment opportunity,” Freo Mayor Dr Brad Pettit said.

“Should it be found feasible to proceed, a great deal of effort will go into a design that is worthy of the important place King’s Square serves as a civic space in Fremantle.”

Freo used to be one of my favourite places, and I have often wondered about the Kings Square area, and the strange layout of the Queensgate building (anyone know who originally did this one?). I think its way overdue and really hope this happens.


One thought on “King’s Square Revamp

  1. The whole greater central area of freo is a total disaster. It is one of those rare occasions when almost anything, even something terrible, would be an improvement. Is this mixed residential? There needs to be a massive increase in resident numbers to make anything work. Freo has been allowed to degenerate into an awful place. Let’s hope this is the beginning of something good.

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