The State of Australian Cities 2011

The 2011 Federal Government’s State of Australian Cities report has been released, rating Australia’s largest 18 cities,and comparing our cities with international examples. The Report identifies local council and state planning initiatives producing more sustainable, liveable urban communities, and identifies changes over the previous 12 months.

Over the past year, Aussies have been using less electricity, more public transport and ‘active travel’ (walking and biking) and producing less household waste. But we also have a shortage of 200 000 new homes across the nation.

The Government has also released a Action Plan for our Cities, aimed at encourage new innvoative solutions to urban sprawl, congestion, a lack of affordable housing and carbon pollution. States, territories and eligible local councils can apply for up to $500 000 for planning and design projects and up to $4 million for demonstration projects. Check here for more info.

The report leads in to a new urban design protocol, Creating Places for People, intended to encourage world-class design in our Australian cities to create prosperous, sustainable and liveable places for people through leadership and the integration of design excellence.


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