2012 AIA WA Awards to include jury presentations

So I got a letter from the Institute last weekend announcing that from next year, entrants to the Institute’s architecture awards will have to present the design / building to a jury, which will be open to the public. Apparently quite a few of the other states are already doing this. The jury will also still inspect the works. I like the idea of this, in terms of going and listening to other firms presenting their work and the ideas behind their built form (tho would be &@$”-scared to present one of my own!). It allows the jury to get an idea of the people behind the design, and I guess if the presentations are open to the public, then might make the process more transparent? Or could it start to get more about the designer and less about the design? Will be interesting to see how this unfolds, and I wonder if they will have all the entrants from each category presenting one after the other, for an interesting comparison. Also, if the public are able to attend, can they have a voice? It would be great if they could contribute to the discussion of what makes ‘good’ (or award-winning) architecture, as opposed to industry insiders. Looking forward to seeing how this unfolds.


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