Last Issue of The Architect for 2011 now available on line

The third edition of The Architect for 2011 is now available on-line. This edition is an education edition, featuring an (unfortunately at times ill-informed) editorial on the BER, a great call-to-arms from the WA Chapter President, news from the Institute and really well-thought-out reviews of three buildings : the UWA Early Learning Centre by Hames Sharley, the Year 7 Transition Building at John XIII College by  Broderick Architects, and the Moerlina Primary School Refurbishment and New Early Learning Centre by Corey Jones. Following this is a discussion with Armstrong Parkin about their recent Trade Training Centre projects, a review of the recent Affirmative Architecture Symposium and a lovely short essay on the Architecture Building at Curtin Uni. I really like the format of including lots of plans and other drawings, and balancing the architects’ words with an independent reviewer – a great step forward for editor Andrew Murray in his first year on the job. Would be interesting at some point to see some cross-fertilisation amongst some of the topics eg the discussion on Trade Training Centres could have maybe also included Gresley Abas who have done a few great examples lately, and see what the similarities / differences in the process were. Same with the two Early Learning Centres – could have been interesting to get the two architects (or two reviewers?) together and see what the development and changes of this building type says about architecture as a whole.

It would be nice if this publication could be a bit more inclusive – not sure how firms / projects get ‘picked’ for this? Particularly on a edition focussing on education, which so many architects were involved in, in the past few years, it could have been an idea to put a call out to all those architects involved to give comment, and provide feedback. And especially a shame that CEFPI wasn’t included or invited to comment, considering so many architects in Perth are members, and use it as an important resource on the development of educational faciltities.

Overall I think this is quite a good issue, and it is really starting to read much more as a cohesive magazine, put together for information, discussion and debate, rather than written just by architects for architects. I like it, look forward to seeing what next year brings (hopefully a hardcopy??!!).


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