Life Architecturally

For those who missed the premiere at the State Library a few weeks ago, there’s still an opportunity to catch this documentary on McBride Ryan, in the comfort of your own home (at a much reduced price!). It is airing tomorrow night (Feb 28th) on the ABC at 10pm.

Life Architecturally is a WA-made production, focussing on Victorian husband-and-wife architectural team Robert McBride and Debbie Ryan, as they go about their lives, over the course of a year.

“The stakes are high. The vision is bold. It’s the embodiment of a Life Architecturally.”

More info and a cool preview here. I assume it will be available on iView for two weeks or so, if you miss it.


2 thoughts on “Life Architecturally

  1. I do like McBride [Charles] Ryan’s work, but the film makers couldn’t have come up with a worse title for the doco.

    • Or worse music during it? I thought it was quite disjointed but on further investigation I realise that the one shown on the ABC was a shortened ‘cut-down’ version of the full documentary. Anyone know if the full show will be available anywhere?

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