Cheap Autocad Software??

Ok, not sure if this is a scam or whatever but just in case I thought I’d post it and let you guys figure it out. I received this email the other day :

Subject: Software
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 13:11:14 +0800


Ive been trying to find someone in Perth, who I can talk to about Autocad software, I was looking for a Perth Architecture forum… but this is all I could find.

I was wondering if you could help.
A month ago I won some AutoCad software in an Auction. At the time I knew it was worth something but not as much as it is…. I won a four seat licence to the commercial AutoCad licence for 2012… Iv rung a store over east and they said people would pay $25,000 for the four seats… This came to a massive shock as I’m just 19 year old graphic design student…

Do you know how I could go about selling this or any advice as to how much i should sell it for??


So is Autocad a common auction item? And can it be privately onsold? The price seems about right if it’s full version and not LT.


One thought on “Cheap Autocad Software??

  1. How do you WIN something at an Auction, I thought you had to bid?
    Sounds like he’s a Perth boy so it shouldn’t be too hard to verify.
    If it is legit, good on him and let the bidding commence:)

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