Perth Arena to be Practically Complete by August

Wait…what? Let me read thisagain. Yep, that’s right, after what seems like forever, and with seemingly still much to do, the Arena will reach PC in five months time. For those non-architects reading this, that generally means the building ‘is reasonably capable of being used for its intended purpose’ ie concerts and basketball games. Except that it won’t be, as the commissioning tests will take a further three months. Firstly, I would never give a building PC before all the commissioning was done, as this also starts the defects liability period, when faults need to be rectified by the Builder. You wouldn’t want to lose three months of that not able to use the building because the a/c or whatever isn’t operational yet. Its very strange to consider issuing PC three months prior to the building actually being ready to use.

Secondly, I can’t help comparing the amount of construction that’s occurred on this building in the last two years, with how much is still left to complete. I go past this on the train on the way to work in the mornings and it only ever seems like there’s about four guys working on it at any one time. So they had better work on that. Maybe if they stopped cladding over and over the external walls they might finish a bit quicker.

So at the moment it looks like it will be officially open to the public on November 10. I hope they do actually reach this target, as I am over watching this slow construction, it’s torturous. Hopefully sometime soon the architects will make a decision on what the building’s supposed to look like, and they can finish it! Good luck!


5 thoughts on “Perth Arena to be Practically Complete by August

  1. An anonymous source tells me that whilst the building will (should) be open for business by then, there may still be a few minor external items to finish off after this time. Like the cladding.

  2. I’m quite confident it will be done by August. The cladding has been going a whole lot faster over the past month than any time up until this point, and photos from the inside show a lot of progress too. They have also started working on the forecourt to the east.

    The three month period isn’t just for commissioning tests. They need to install things like the basket ball equipment, scoreboards, video screens and all that sort of stuff. They have a massive feature screen hanging from the roof in the lobby that they will need some time to install.

    • Even more reason why it shouldn’t be considered ‘practically complete’ until all those items are installed, working and fully tested. Seems a bit of a stunt so the govt can tell everyone it’s finished, before it really is. We get this from clients occasionally, pushing to get something marked ‘complete’ before it actually is, not fully comprehending all the implications of this term from a contractual point of view.

  3. I guess. None of that stuff was included in the lead contract though, so from BGC’s perspective the Arena is practically complete.

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