Presentations to Juries this weekend

Just a reminder the presentation to juries is on this Saturday. See link to the right for more info or here.

This event is supposed to be open to the public, although from what I’ve seen hasn’t been advertised anyway, and I encourage everyone to go along and check it out. Unfortunately I can’t make it after all, please let me know how it goes.

I’ve heard some complaints that this will put people off from entering their buildings in to the awards, as there is extra pressure from having to present in front of a jury (maybe they should call it a panel, or something else less intimidating). However I think this initiative is really excellent, as the awards should really be about more than just submitting some photos and some (written) words. It’s great that you have to actually justify your design, in front of an eagle-eyed audience. I like the fact there is a personal connection between the architecture and the jury, and hopefully some of the passion if the design comes through. I’ve found it interesting in the past that some architects don’t even want to go out and meet the jury when they do your walkaround. Strange. The more opportunities you have to explain, to both the jury and yourself, what fuels your design, I think the better design you will be.

So good luck all those presenting, I’m sure you will all do well.

(Next step will be getting the client there to say ‘actually we don’t use the building that way’ or ‘yeh that box gutter looks great but it leaks every year’ or (hopefully) ‘this building is exactly what we wanted and we wouldn’t change a thing!’)


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