Slacker … once again!

So, nearly two months without any posts… hopeless!! Thanks to the 40 or so people that keep clicking through each day, I will try and get this back on track! I have had a pretty terrible two months actually, life going to s*#t and it all feels too hard, but time to dig myself back out and start getting inspired by Perth Architecture again. (I thought it was just an architectural stereotype to be depressed and take things too seriously!?)

So what’s happening? Development in the city seems a bit slow compared to last year, the big projects the Arena and Fiona Stanley are ploughing ahead, the Awards are coming up … what else? Will see what I can find out, but always happy for hints! Email me at I’m also on Twitter, but haven’t really figured that all out yet – anyone got any suggestions on interesting people to follow?


4 thoughts on “Slacker … once again!

  1. Interesting, a lot of my architect friends are having a really shit time at the moment and hating their jobs. Just so you know, it’s not just you.

      • Oh, not good that your friends are having a hard time tho, that was a bit selfish of me! I wonder what’s going on then. I have been wondering if maybe I’m just have a ‘third-life’ crisis, and just can’t deal with all the consultant hostility, client changes, council bureaucracy, plus employer-driven stress because no projects are running on time, because of the above. And no matter how hard you work or how many hours you put in, its still not enough to get everything done. Interesting if this might be an industry-wide thing at the moment??

  2. Same here. I can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. We are struggling to meet our original programme and it keeps getting delayed. And the client can’t decide on anything and when they do they change their mind. I could go on…

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