New Hotel to go on FESA city block

The City of Perth and the state government are courting developers for a new hotel in the city, on a 7300 sqm block created by the move of workers from FESA House at 480 Hay Street and the closure of the Perth Chest Clinic, loctaed behind it on Murray Street.

Tourism Minister Kim Hames said “Perth desperately needs more hotel rooms, with the average annualised occupancy rate of 85.43 per cent, the highest in the nation,” he said.

“Western Australia is currently the only state in Australia that offers hotel development incentives.

“They include provision of Crown land at reduced market rates, flexible floor space bonuses and infrastructure grants.”

“Tourism Council WA would like to see at least 300 hotels rooms on this site to supply the increase in visitors to Perth which has been driven primarily by the resource sector” said Tourism Council WA chief executive Evan Hall.

“However one hotel is not near enough, we need at least another 6 hotels between now and 2020 to be built.”

Will be great to see a new hotel development in Perth – when was the last one built? Hopefully this one won’t be salmon brick and exposed concrete structure – and might, just might, take advantage of our great weather with some balconies? I remember staying at the Duxton a few years ago and its so disappointing to have that connection to the city – and you can’t go out to it. Let’s see how it turns out…


6 thoughts on “New Hotel to go on FESA city block

  1. i would like to see an adventurous developer and architect incorporate the existing fesa house into the hotel. it has some outstanding interior spaces and would make a very cool and very different boutique hotel, to which could be attached a larger development on the space behind and to the east of fesa house.

    • I like that idea! Utilise the nice big spaces – I visited an art gallery / exhibition / function space in Sydney recently that was a converted fire station and the spaces were gorgeous. Lots of light, some old renovated face brick, brilliant old signage. Let’s hope that’s an option!

  2. i would like to see an adventurous developer and architect adapt the existing building for use as a hotel – it has some outstanding interior spaces that have the potential to create a unique boutique hotel. there is plenty of room to then build behind or to the east and join the two buildings.

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