Perth Cultural Centre to get a new State Museum

In the latest State budget, the Government has set aside $428.3 million for a new State Museum in the Perth Cultural Centre, to be built on Francis St. (BTW I didn’t realise the current Museum is 120 years old!)

“A well designed and operated museum adds enormously to the civic, cultural and educational life of a city and State which the WA Museum will be able to do so much more effectively following the redevelopment.” Culture and the Arts Minister John Day said.

“The WA Museum is also a significant scientific research institution, particularly in the fields of natural sciences, anthropology, archaeology and history and has internationally regarded expertise in these areas.”

Oh, and I have to add this quote, as I think its great:

“The size, design and form of the new museum will be determined at the design and development stage of the project and once the tender for the construction is awarded,” he said.

Haven’t we learnt anything from the Arena? I think you want the size, design and form well sorted out BEFORE the tender is awarded!

Construction is due to commence 2016, so I would think design should really commence by the middle of next year? No word yet on whether the design will be commissioned via competition, but it would be great to see the City leading in a design (not fee-based) competition open to ALL. Hey, we can hope, right?


3 thoughts on “Perth Cultural Centre to get a new State Museum

  1. The minister had previously said he wanted an open design competition. I wouldn’t count on it though, these things usually change.

  2. like most of perth;s public projects the tender is for construction, building operation, and design as one contract. That means that the architects work for the contractors and the the people. This means that the cost is paramount to the Government and the design is just an “outcome”of the contract. I dont think I have heard anyone complain about this process, which is how all the major gov funded building projects have been awarded for the last ten years. The State Theatre is a standout exception, I think this proves that architectural design competitions give you a far better result!! I would love an open discussion on this topic to take place in Perth……….

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