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So there’s a few events coming up soon – I have updated the calendar so hopefully picked up most of them. Click on the links to the right or above for more info on each event.


2 thoughts on “Events Events Events

  1. Did you see the email from the institute about all of November being Architecture Month? Do you think they’ve been inundated with volunteers and ideas, or would Perth architects (if not Perth Architecture) prefer not to get involved and then still complain that the institute isn’t doing enough for them?

    • Yes I have heard that Architecture Week has now blown out to Architecture Month. I know some people (eg my boss!) who will most likely not attend any events and then complain about how little the Institute does for us. I really hope everyone gets involved and attends things – the events only get bigger and better if more people attend. Also, most of these things are organized by people on a voluntary basis, after work and in lunch breaks etc. Please respect the time people put into things and attend events! No matter how exhausting it gets by the end of the month!

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