Barrack Square / Elizabeth Quay Update

Maritime Constructions have been awarded  the contract to complete works at the Barracks Jetty.
The State government will soon call tenders for a third early works package for work including:
  • a central main activity hub consisting of two pop-up kiosks,
  • a raised alfresco deck area with shading and lighting for patrons, and an amenity block to service the outlets
  • a children’s play space and drink fountains
    palm trees identified for transplantation as part of the broader Elizabeth Quay project will be potted temporarily in timber planters and temporarily located in Barrack Square
  • new directional signage and landscape improvements.
“Revitalising Barrack Square is a priority of the Elizabeth Quay project to ensure the precinct remains a key destination within the broader waterfront development,” Planning Minister John Day said.
“In addition to the jetty works, the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) will transform the area with a range of new short-term additions, including pop-up kiosks, public toilets, a cyclists’ station and children’s play space.”
The Minister said the State Government was also calling for expressions of interest from experienced food and beverage operators with innovative concepts to make use of kiosks.
“The kiosks will be fabricated from old shipping containers and accompanied by an alfresco deck, lighting, landscaping and shade to create a central activity hub in the area,’ he said.
“New casual dining and takeaway options will complement the current restaurants and cafes, and cater for increased tourists and visitors and those who regularly use the foreshore for business, exercise or their commute to work.”
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2 thoughts on “Barrack Square / Elizabeth Quay Update

  1. Hi, might just help clear up the statement, it wasn’t very well worded. There was one contact awarded to Maritime Consructions last week that includes the construction and extension of the piers at Barrack Jetty as well as fuel, loading, power supply etc. This was the third and final contract leading up to the lead contract being awarded.
    On the same day they advertised a new contract for short term Barrack Square activation measures which includes what you mentioned above. This is sort of being undertaken separately to EQ I guess.

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