Current Practices on Social Media

Architecture & Design have released the results of a survey by regarding the use of social media in architectural practices and found the following from the 1126 practices surveyed:

21% have a Facebook page,

30% have a LinkedIn profile,

23% believe social media is now a crucial part of the marketing mix,

18% are not sure how to use social media to engage their market,

14% have seen tangible results from social media, and

24% said more training would help with their social media execution.

I also thought this article which came through this week was interesting : Architecture websites – build it and they won’t come.

So how about you? Does your practice have a social media policy? Have you used it to help your business? How important is your website to potential / existing clients and how important is it to be connected via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc etc?? And is it all just too much connection???!


5 thoughts on “Current Practices on Social Media

  1. Only 18% are not sure how to use social media to engage their market? Methinks there are plenty of firms out there who think having a website is using social media to engage their market.

    My office started a facebook page earlier this year and it’s updated a couple times a week, but I don’t know if anyone outside the firm ‘engages’ with it. Personally I’m still skeptical about the whole social media thing in our industry. Do potential clients really want to find an architect on twitter or facebook?

    Websites are still important.

    • I agree, I think websites are vitally important, but they need to be updated and current. Not sure if Twitter / Facebook is helping firms but there are some good examples. I follow Fratelle Group for example and they tweet Perth-relevant news and project updates which I find interesting – but perhaps I am predisposed to this??!
      And as you say, engagement helps. Even with this blog I am more likely to update it if I can see people are reading it and commenting.

    • Yes, architects should use Twitter more for that kind of thing – like BVN does. That’s why I like the Gresley Abas blog, they show how a design gets created and the people involved, rather than just the finished product.

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