Architecture Month

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So, I have added on a heap of the Architecture Month events – there  is a lot on so I hope I got them all!

Really, well done to the organisers, this year is looking great, I’m sure it was a difficult task to get everything together.

For more info, click on the links to the right, or use the drop down menu for November above.


2 thoughts on “Architecture Month

  1. G’day. Wondering if you’d be keen for a chat for a story on Perth architecture and Open House Perth? Maybe send me an email if you’re interested? Cheers.

    • Hi Garrett. Thanks for your interest, but I’m more a compiler at the moment while I get my life sorted. So I might pass you off to the experts! For any info on Open House Perth, contact the Creative Director Carly Barrett, she’s an Architect at HASSELL and has her finger firmly on the pulse of what being happening lately in Perth architecture.

      Also the Office of the Government Architect is quite well informed on issues affecting architecture and planning in Perth, try contacting Kirsten Bruce.

      And if you want a variety of opinions and ideas feel free to ask questions through this website and we’ll see what people think.

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